Friday, December 23, 2011

Oi Mates! We's Famous In England.

For some reason english folks dig out music. When the LP came out we heard rumors of it being played on BBC radio in the UK but we just figured their taste in music was much like their taste in food. Horrible. Low and behold the BBC contacted us about doing a a 20 minute set of music that inspired us. We dusted off all out Lawrence Welk and Black Flag records and make a humdinger of a set. They rejected it and asked us to do a Christmas set. I told them we are one of the only surf bands that have multiple songs abut satan and going to hell. They didn't care and wanted a Cormans' Christmas set. So we gave them one and they slightly edited it. I guess we are a "holiday band" now. They called us on the phone a few weeks back and did a quick little interview too. It's going to be up for the next 7 days go check it out! Our spot shows up at about the 1:40 mark. Click this link to listen: Tom Ravenscroft show with Thee Cormans

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