Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Homemade Cormans WTF!!!

So awhile back i was cruising on Mike Black's Surf A Pig Blog and I came across a post featuring this cat Chris. He wrote Mike telling him he is an RN and a amateur surfboard shaper and was inspired by Mike to shape a pig? Well Chris went and shaped himself a psychedelic 9'8" oinker and decided to put Thee Cormans model Captain Fin in it. I was like "Whoa man that's crazy!!! I thought they only made 10 of those!" So I scroll down a little farther and on closer inspection it looks like Chris made his own little Thee Cormans zip up hoodie! Long story short this kid Chris is a nut and probably slays the babes down at the beach! Chris hit us up if ya see this!