Thursday, January 6, 2011


This pic is from a gig we played awhile back in Long Beach. I believe Devo took this photo. The story on it is these 2 kids came up to us before the gig and were like "Man we love you guys! So stoked to see you tonight!" we replied "Right on man." then continued loading our gear in. Well a few shitty opening bands later we were up. These kids had their buzz on way before this. They move right up front as soon as we are done setting up. We play a song or 2 and tell the audience "This is the coolest gay bar we have ever played and we are stoked to have our number one gay couple upfront rocking with out with us. Why don't you two fellas kiss and show how beautiful queer love is." They kissed. Not just a peck but a real kiss. Everyone was disgusted, we were cracking up calling them names and everyone had a good time. Until they they did something to the Creature (Guitar player) and he punched both of them. While the rest of us continued played. It was a success.

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