Monday, March 9, 2009

Drinking with babes

Hey The Drinking With Them radio show had us on a few weeks a go. Basically it's a internet radio show were 2 girls get wasted and have guestsin to just do nothing but chat. The discussion quickly went to sex and Fagenstein got into trouble with his chick (which might be his former chick now). These are some cool chicks that are not painful on the eyes either. One of them lost their virginity to an Aquabat so you know their standards are not high at all. They also want some tuff ass outlaw bikers on their show so if you know some hit them up! Check them out at:


Devø. said...

I still have my Aquabats rash gaurd and goggles in my closet.

under-deliverer said...
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drinking with them said...

losing virginity to an aquabat = LOWPOINT.